Streamlining administration in the British Columbian alcohol industry

Real-time + on-the-go Order, Payment + Inventory Management software for tastemakers

Say hello to a smarter way to sell, collect, manage, ship, and report your alcohol sales.
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Everything you need to sell more and do less.

With Ollie you can synchronize all of your organizations product movements, orders and inventory in real-time.
  • Transfer product into inventory
  • Unlimited warehouses locations
  • Streamline order entry
  • Sync orders to distributors.
  • Track inventory
  • Powerful dashboard and detailed reporting.

Order fast
like a pro.

Create a new order in seconds. In fact when you use Ollie, it takes less than 4 seconds to find a licensee, add your products, charge their card and ship an order out!

Align your order desk, sales representatives and agents and give them the power to add orders from anywhere.

Collect payments

All orders can be processed via the charge button on each order. Easily view the payment method, source and transactions date for easy understanding of the order payments.

Securely store multiple credit cards using the powerful Stripe payment processing.
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Inventory for all warehouses & distributors.

Track when new production is transfered into your warehouse and the movement of product to external warehouses easily.

View real-time inventory in all your warehouses as orders draw down your stock. Get low inventory alerts and make adjustments quickly.

Focus on what matters.

Leverage our real-time dashboard & multiple sales statistics reports available for download. Detailed Inventory reporting – including month-end reports to show all product movement and closing balances.

DSWR compatibility reporting – eliminate double entry for the LDB
Build fast, launch faster

Integrated with Quickbooks accounting software.

Export your sales and payment data into Quickbooks with ease on every order.

Push important sales data into your accounting integration for full cycle accounting.
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Our innovative platform empowers team members to handle their day to day responsibilites.

For Operations

  • Transfer products between warehouses. Inventory control for multiple warehouses and multiple suppliers (for agencies)
  • Integrated payment processing with Stripe.Track payment status. Paid or Unpaid. Securely store multiple credit cards.
  • Inventory reporting – including month-end reports to show all product movement and closing balances

For Sales & Order Desks

  • Create Doc 60's & Doc 55's with pre-populated licensee customer data. Mobile ordering from the road on device.
  • Ollie makes it easy to place pre-sale orders and create backorders. Live catalog of your products.
  • In-depth sales dashboard. Multiple sales statistics reports available.

You'll be in good company.

Some of the top alcohol brands are using the platform and are loving the opportunity to seize more growth potential and increase their customer experience.

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Direct Selling Platform
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