Sell in all ways

Manage your sales from new products to every day repeat orders.

Suite of tools to communicate with your buyers everyday from start to finish.

Brands use Ollie to
streamline sales to the finish line.

An innovative platform to connect your customers from new product to order with a powerful suite of online tool.
Sell Product in advance.

Launch new products and seasonal releases.

Online Product Portfolio

Access to powerful product
data every day

Self Service ordering

Customers order direct online 24/7

Launch new products. Sell in advance.

Pre-sell your upcoming product releases.


Send out targeted digital sales sheets that showcase all the details of new products.


See all sales related to the new products release. Total Sold, how many remaining.


Buyers can connect with the sales rep dedicated to their account through phone and email.


Did the ABV change? New SKU been issued? Has the tasting notes changed? Update the digital sales sheet in real-time.
Build fast, launch faster

Showcase your brand with your own online product portfolio.

All your products, data and information stored in one nice, clean digital product portfolio that can be updated at anytime.  A visually well laid out online product portfolio showing active products available to order every day.
Feature product image, price, sku and order details. Include how many limited units are available and set dates till release. Once your digital sales sheet is ready drive traffic and collect orders online into one system.
Build fast, launch faster

Connect with our team to learn how to sell more.

Direct Selling Platform
for alcohol brands.